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Drop Stitch Electric Pump

Drop Stitch Electric Pump

Effortless Inflation

The 12-Volt, high-pressure O’Brien Drop Stitch Electric Pump is ideal for use with our drop stitch floats, inflatable docks, and stand-up paddle boards (Runways, Party Pits, and Yoga Floats). Specify your desired pressure setting (1-20 psi) and let it run on a car plug or the supplied alligator clips. When it reaches the chosen pressure, it will automatically turn off, allowing you to start enjoying your time on the lake.



O’Brien SUP/Drop Stitch Electric Pump


  • 12V high-pressure inflator
  • Quickly inflates and deflates drop stitch floats and stand-up paddle boards.
  • Effortlessly set desired pressure from 1 to 20 psi and let the pump to the rest
    when inflated to the desired pressure value, automatically stops.
  • Electronic pressure gauge
  • Non-kinking hose
  • Includes alligator clips for a direct connection to the battery